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Make a Difference in
the World

We can assist you in building a philanthropic path that will help maximize your kindness. From helping those less fortunate, facilitating scientific breakthroughs, providing safe habitats for wildlife, and sharing the arts, philanthropy is a core value for many. Wisely structuring and planning your charitable activities will empower you to impact your philanthropic goals positively.

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How can I make my charitable giving strategies more impactful?

We help our clients create a charitable giving roadmap to maximize their philanthropic desires. When a structured roadmap is created, your kindness becomes amplified and impactful.

Can I get substantial tax deductions for my donations?

We help our clients consider various tax-saving vehicles when donating to the causes they care most about to maximize their tax savings while still making an impact.

What if I no longer agree with the values of the charities I have donated to over the years?

When proper philanthropic planning is implemented, it can allow you to be flexible with your donations and give you control of your current and future contributions. When a philanthropic plan is built, it must be flexible and adaptable.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning

Philanthropy is often a critical aspect of comprehensive wealth planning. Fortunately, in the United States laws recognize the important societal benefits of charitable giving and provide significant opportunities to those that plan well to maximize their impact.