Take Care of Your Loved Ones

How you transfer your wealth to your loved ones is crucial for those who want to make sure that, after their passing, their loved ones are secure. Ensuring your current estate plan is designed to mitigate the impact of estate taxes so your children, grandchildren, and heirs are provided for is crucial.

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How do I make sure my assets are creditor protected when transferring to my heirs?

We help create a risk management plan to keep your assets secure for your heirs from unjust litigation. Identifying the risks to your wealth is vital before they harm you and your family’s wealth. Your risk management strategy is the foundation that secures your wealth.

How can I successfully pass on values, not just wealth,
to my heirs?

We help our clients create a family constitution, which is vital to laying the foundation for the next generation. It is not enough to only pass on the monetary value of your life. By creating a family constitution, you will be setting your loved ones up for success.

What if I get into a fatal accident tomorrow?

What kind of mess would I be leaving behind for my family? Our strategic alignment process will give you peace of mind that your family will be secure. Having a detailed wealth transfer plan for how your wealth will transfer to the next generation is crucial.

Wealth Transfer

Over 50% of significant wealth transfers are ultimately unsuccessful. Various reasons such as the assets were misspent, the estate was contested, or potential infighting amongst heirs occurred can quickly derail a well-intentioned wealth transfer plan.