Why I Started Fusion Wealth

As a financial advisor for over 17 years, I’ve witnessed countless entrepreneurs, CEOs, and family business owners struggle with a common desire: to turn their hard-earned money into something meaningful. This is why I founded Fusion Wealth. We are not the typical suit-and-tie financial firm. Imagine having peace of mind knowing your wealth is safe from financial threats and strategically invested for the future you want. At Fusion Wealth, we become your trusted partner, ensuring that your financial decisions benefit you, your family, and future generations. 

Dustin Giannangelo FounderDustin Giannangelo Founder

Our Founder

Dustin Giannangelo, Founder and CEO of Fusion Wealth Management, has had the privilege to work with a select group of affluent families, top-level executives & driven entrepreneurs to build an amazing life of significance. Dustin Giannangelo is highly passionate about financial planning and believes that with the right tools and guidance, people can be empowered to make smart decisions. He loves creating a positive impact on people’s financial situation by clarifying their goals-leading to decisions that create a successful and fulfilling life for his clients. 

Being featured in world-renowned platforms like Forbes, Thrive Global, U.S. & World Report, Authority Magazine, The Street, Wealth Management Magazine, etc. Dustin Giannangelo is always available for his clients with his A-game to help as a financial advisor. 

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